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  • Stone Sink and Bathtub Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair How to take care of stone sinks and bathtubs is one of the most frequently asked questions in the stone industry. The answer to this broad question is not simple, as different stone materials in different finishes will have different porous features thus require different care an
  • The marble balls Rolling on a thin cushion of water, these marble balls or granite balls (floating sphere) weigh between 200 pounds to 800lbs depending on the size. They will rotate with a weak water pressure (10 psi, less than what water hose generated 85 psi.) This very stylish Chinese artistic
  • Grand Marble Fountain Stone Fountain Typical large stone fountain is 10 to 12 feet tall and 12 to 20 feet in Diameter. These marble fountains stone fountains are suitable for park, square, commercial building. Amlink is expert in building these grand scale marble fountains. Marble Floating Sphere Ball FountainHeavy
  • Stone mosaics tiles Stone mosaics tiles, including marble mosaic tile, travertine mosaic tile, and onyx mosaic tile in specific, are the most cost effective mosaic tiling solution. Each stone mosaic tile sheet is made of identical stone chips, making mosaic tiles the best choice for simplicity orien
  • How to judge stone service life? How long is the stone service lif? No one can tell. Actually, the standard for judge stone service life is not clear. With different variety, the stone service life is very different. So, just to judge stone service life from the following aspects: 1. Whether the decorative perfo
  • Granite countertop cutters at risk of deadly radiation exposure Craftsmen who cut granite for kitchen countertops can be at risk of radiation exposure thousands of times above the federal safety limit, according to new research The danger results from inhaling the airborne granite dust, which sometimes contains significant quantities of urani
  • Further decrease of Italian exports Steep reduction in Italian exports of marble and granite In the first four months of 2009 Italy exported 1 million 48 thousand tons of stone (raw materials, finished products and chips), for a value of 427 million 475 thousand euro, which corresponds to a 21,3% reduction in quant
  • The use of granite tile in Singapore today The granite rock which is created when the crust of the earth is under high pressure and also the temperature is very high. When these rocks are created under the earth, they come to the surface after sometime as the tectonic plates are accountable for bringing them to the top. T

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