How to choose the right stone protectant?

In order to reduce the water absorption of the stone, reducing the extent of sediment and stone bonding, the use of permeable stone protectant is the best approach. There are two recommended stone protectant can be used when installing stone: first, prepare the protection for the inside of stone, use a silicone solvent penetration protection, to minimize water absorption

Secondly, to protect the stone surface, using a water-resistant fluorinated polymer oil properties to reduce mineral deposits and soap and water stains on the stone damage. Specific methods of operation are as follows: to clean the stone surface with a clean cotton cloth, brush, and ensure that the stone is dry, and then liquid into the watering can within the protective, sprayed in the stone surface with the amount of watering can, then sponge or quality plastic film material is not easy in the stone surface water carefully applied to ensure the protection 1o0% liquid and contact with the stone surface and penetrate the stone holes, so that ventilation can be achieved without penetration of the stone debris (stone protector purpose is to narrow stone permeability hole rather than closed. With high-quality sponge or absorbent material not easily applied in the stone surface, to prevent the spread within the protective liquid caused by inhalation of protective liquid waste the second is applied evenly to the protective liquid. using protective liquid should avoid using excessive waste caused by medicine or are not effective. coated protective liquid surface of the stone should be left to avoid the syrup dry, should be 2 to 5 minutes to clean protective surface. Try to avoid contact with skin protective liquid). It is better to dry the stone for 24 hours after the best protection.

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