5 Commanding kitchen countertops

There are so many fantastic counter top materials to choose from for a kitchen but deciding which option best suits your individual needs can be a difficult decision. Granite, stainless steel, quartz, butcher block, or marble? So many options so how do you know which is best for your lifestyle Granite countertops are gorgeous, but doesn''t everyone have it? A lot of people choose this option because its look has always been timeless and can be combined with any style of decorating from modern to traditional. Not only an enduring addition to the kitchen it is extremely durable being scratch and heat-resistant. It does however still need to be sealed from time to time to protect the natural stone Using stainless steel for a counter surface can also be used in traditional or contemporary kitchens. It does have a very industrial look to it however but can be combined with many different materials to achieve the desired effect. It is very easy to clean with just soap, water, and a dry cloth. If for some strange reason it does get scratched or stained, which we all know could never happen, there is a stainless steel cleaner out there available that will take it right out. Another great benefit of this surface is that it is antibacterial and nonporous so it doesn''t have to be sealed like a granite countertop Butcher block counters are another great way to add a timeless element to a kitchen. Scratches are easily sanded out so a cutting board will definitely be a thing of the past. Butcher block can be protected from water damage by sealing it with mineral oil frequently. This counter top will no doubt warm up a once frigid kitchen. For a baker marble will do the trick, the coldness from this particular material is perfect for kneading dough. However, keep in mind that there are a couple downfalls to this alluring material it is easily chipped and stained because it is such a soft stone. Like granite it too needs to be sealed periodically Quartz counters have recently become more and more popular. It is a very cost effective, durable, and easy to clean choice. It even imitates the look of granite but is more resistant to stains and scratches. Unlike granite or marble with natural variations in the stone quartz is uniform with a continuous pattern throughout They are all fantastic options for kitchen counters and all of them can be used with any style of decorating. 

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