How to judge stone service life?

How long is the stone service lif? No one can tell. Actually, the standard for judge stone service life is not clear. With different variety, the stone service life is very different. So, just to judge stone service life from the following aspects: 1. Whether the decorative performance has lost? Such as the color, luster, pattern has lost their decorative effect. 2. Whether the facing stone has cracks, making slab off? 3. Different slabs have different acid and alkali resistances, and different weathering velocity. So the service life will different. 4. Use Occasion. For example, the service life of outdoors is shorter than indoors. 5. The maintenance. Generally speaking, marble facing stone service life is about 40-90 years. Granite is 150-220 years. The service life of slabs will over 100 years .

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