Go green with eco-friendly countertops

The term &quotgreen&quot has been around for a while, and is still evolving. As we look for products that are sustainable, or easy to replenish such as engineered stone and recycled glass there is additional interest in where items are manufactured and the costs of preparing and shipping products to the consumer. 

Improving products low in volatile liquids or bases (Low VOC) has spawned new products that are NO VOC. It is easy to see how eco-friendly lines of paint, fabric, and flooring have now expanded to include new, innovative and BEAUTIFUL countertop materials. 

The materials below are considered &quotgreen&quot in its fabrication and installation.

Engineered Stone Engineered stone surfaces emerged as a &quotgreen&quot alternative to laminates and solid surface materials because they use NO petroleum or plastic base resins. Engineered stone is comprised of recycled materials floating in water, corn or cement based solutions that are healthy for your home and the environment. 

There are many trade names for engineered stone such as Silestone, Vetrazzo and Ice Stone. These companies use recycled mirrors, windows, bottles, metal shavings, ash from furnaces and old porcelain sinks and toilets to make these durable surfaces. 

From a &quotgreen&quot point of view, these products help by &quotupcycling&quot or using materials at the end of their life cycle, keeping them out of landfills. Engineered stone can costs close to the price of standard granite. 

An advantage of engineered stone is the availability of colors outside Mother Nature''s palette. 

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