We are committed to machinery manufacture and accessories production.In order to ensure the quality of our products, our company equipped with the most advanced automatic plastic-coated equipment.  And we are extremely strict in purchasing raw materials, as well as welding and assembling them.Our products have strong corrosion resistance and are easy to install.Its safety and quality is guaranteed. Our products are exported to Europe, North America and other parts of the world.   Our pursuit is to ensure that products can meet customer requirements. I believe our  high-quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service will meet any of your requirements. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

Aluminum fence:


environmental :no corrosion, do not fade, do not need routine maintenance, do not pollute the environment. 

High strength : There are galvanized lining steel or aluminum in the guardrail for enhanced,it has enough of strength and anti-impact performance. It has many characteristics ,such as Corrosion resistance ,Strong toughness,Anti - static, not fading,and not cracking.

Long service life:Use special formula and special ultraviolet absorbent ,the service life can be more than 30 years.. 

Easy to install.

Wide application.

Customize: customized according to customer.The size and color of the guardrail can be made according to customer requirements

Aluminium  door:

From appearance, maintenance, analysis, cost recovery and other aspects, the aluminum courtyard door is more advantages than iron manufacturing. Now, whether villa or family house construction, aluminum art courtyard door gradually favored by the majority of consumers, more and more people began to choose aluminum art courtyard door.

Aluminium  door whole casting (solid cast aluminum, no welding and any splicing) by electrostatic powder spraying, high quality, can also make a variety of colors and patterns, to meet the needs of the consumers; at the same time can ensure the excellent characteristics of hundred years does not rust, do not fade, not corrosion.

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